Yul Kwon

Ph.D. Candidate

Industrial Engineering

Seoul, South Korea


Location: GRIS 365 – B
Email: kwon67 at purdue dot edu


I am an active duty officer with the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). As a C-130 pilot, I have over 2,300 flight hours that include participation in multinational operation (O.I.F), missions (disaster relief mission to Japan, China, Philippines, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.) and exercises (Red Flag, RODEO, ARF etc.). My general research interests is in modeling human performance in aviation systems.

Research Topic
  • Air Transportation System
  • Human Performance Modeling

1999-2003: B.S., Computer Science, Korea Air Force Academy.
2012-2014: M.S., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University.
2014- In progress: Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University.