Lab Members


  • Steven J. Landry, Ph.D.- Associate Professor and Associate Head, School of Industrial Engineering. Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics (by courtesy). Regenstrief Center  for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) (Bio)

Current Members

Graduate Students- Ph.D., Industrial Engineering

Graduate Students- M.S., Industrial Engineering

  • (none currently)

Undergraduate Students, Industrial Engineering (Summer, 2018)

  • Michael Campbell
  • Mark Humphries
  • Jackson Higgins
  • Dieter Ronak
  • Amanda Crowe

Alumni (Graduate students)

  • Samantha Vaitkunas (M.S., 2008). Investigation of factors affecting situation awareness reports in aviation.
  • Amit Lagu (Ph.D., 2009). Interaction decay in a continuous adaptive function allocation strategy-based human-machine system. Currently with Leigh Fisher Associates
  • Narendra Sharma (M.S., 2009, co-advised with Dr. Leyla Ozsen). MIxed integer 0-1 programming of time-based metering in air traffic management. Currently a Data Scientist at VMware.
  • Sivabalan Paneer Selvan (M.S., 2010, co-advised with Dr. Nelson Uhan). Optimal scheduling of aircraft in the event of weather disruptions. Currently an Industrial Engineer with Pitney Bowes Management Services.
  • Esther Jun (Ph.D., 2011, co-advised with Prof. Gavriel Salvendy). Design methods for information visualization. Currently a User Experience researcher with Volkswagen of America, Inc.
  • Yiwu Jian (M.S., 2011). Top-down state-based modeling of the air transportation system. Currently a Reliability Engineering Technical Specialist at Cummins, Inc.
  • Karna Singh (M.S. 2012, co-advised with Dr. Shimon Nof). Currently a senior associate at 4i, Inc.
  • Ziho Kang (Ph.D. 2012). Scanpath differences between novices and experts. Currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Oklahoma.
  • Shan Xie (M.S. 2012). Effectiveness of the Basic T Instrument Arrangement for Remotely Piloted Vehicles.
  • David Rozovski (Ph.D.). Analysis of off-axis inceptors. Currently NAWCTSD aerospace experimental psychologist, US Navy.
  • Deepti Surabattula (Ph.D.), Supporting proper compliance and non-compliance to procedures. Currently Sr. human factors engineer, Siemens Healthcare.
  • Hyo-sang Yoo (Ph.D.). Currently Senior research engineer, NASA Ames Research Center.
  • Caitlin Surakitbanharn (M.S.), 2014
  • Chittayong (Jao) Surakitbanharn (Ph.D. 2015). Currently a post-doctoral researcher with Purdue’s Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments.
  • Jingjing Guo (Ph.D. 2015) Safety Assessments of Air Traffic Control Systems. Currently with GE Global Research Center at Shanghai.
  • Adithya Raghavan (M.S.). Currently process development engineer, Apple.
  • Hambisa Keno (Ph.D. 2017)
  • Wei Liu (Ph.D. 2017)
  • Yul Kwon (Ph.D. 2017)
  • Caitlin Surakitbanharn (Ph.D. 2017), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Purdue Policy Research Institute
  • Jocelyn Dunn (Ph.D., 2017)
  • Harshwardhan Aggarwal (Ph.D. 2018)
  • Julian Archer (Ph.D. 2018)
  • Nguyen V.-P. Nguyen (Ph.D. 2018)